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USQ Ground Leases

Access capital advantage

Driving capital efficiency

Like debt and equity, land and buildings are fundamentally different investments. A bifurcated structure allows all parties to invest in assets that better match their desired risk, maturity, and return targets, resulting in lower funding costs and higher risk-adjusted returns.

The distinctive approach of the USQ Ground Lease addresses historical flaws found in legacy contracts, providing our partners with uniquely leasehold-friendly optionality.

Lower all-in cost

Acquiring property

A bifurcated acquisition results in a lower all-in cost of capital for real estate investors, improving our partners’ returns and increasing the competitiveness of their bids.

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Unlock value

Refinancing property

Bifurcating a fee simple interest unlocks low-cost capital and is return-accretive—particularly in an elevated interest rate environment.

Maximize proceeds

Selling property

A bifurcated sale is likely to maximize seller proceeds. USQ partners with property owners during the sales process to purchase the leased fee, so only the leasehold is offered to the marketplace.

Top markets. Top properties. Premier partners.

We act as a partner—working together with owners to create best-in-class ground lease solutions.

Our team

An affiliate of Chatham Financial, USQ is the result of unique expertise and experience across fixed income and real estate.

  • Matt Henry

    Managing Partner

    Kennett Square, PA

  • Mark Weiss

    Managing Director
    USQ Ground Leases

    New York, NY

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